Take this quick online course and you'll walk away with the ability to perform simple tasks that will allow you to start making money immediately. Making travel transactions is an easy, hassle-free line of work, and the money you earn is direct-deposit to your bank account.

Even if you have a limited interest in the travel business, this course comes with a toolkit that enables you to build and run any type of business in a very compelling way. The course also provides essential instruction to make technology do all the heavy lifting for your business. The great value behind our program is that you will continue to get unlimited assistance and support even after completing the course, until you succeed and beyond.


The goal of this course is to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a new source of income. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and the tools to perform routine tasks that will allow you to earn money very quickly. The course also provides essential instruction in technology, mobile apps, digital & social marketing, business administration, and important academic skills. You can take the course from any smartphone, tablet or computer.


In the travel business a travel transaction is similar to a credit or debit card transaction. Each time someone in the world pays for something as simple as a cup of coffee the bank that issued the credit card to the consumer collects a percentage of the sale of the cup of coffee from the coffee shop. The same is true in the travel business, each time you make a reservation for a customer you will receive a commission payment direct-deposit to your bank account. It's really that simple! You can make travel transactions any time of the day from your smartphone or from any other device. In most cases you can complete a travel transaction in the same time it takes to send a text message or email. Imagine yourself being in a coffee shop, you can make a travel transaction and make money while you wait on the line for your coffee!


  • Learn at your own pace. Pick and choose the modules that are more important to you
  • We'll modify the training to meet your individual goals
  • Unlimited support and personal assistance
  • After completing the course you can choose to keep your account open to continue getting support and personal assistance for as long as you need it. It is like having a personal coach that trains and guide you, plus a personal assistant who does the heavy lifting for you



You'll Walk Away With...

  • The specialized skill of making travel transactions
  • With everything in place to generate a stable income
  • Deep understanding of technology, digital & social marketing
  • Essential instruction to run your business successfully 
  • Sharper academic skills
  • The ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world

Ideal For...

  • Beginners or novices with little or no knowledge about the travel business or technology
  • Anyone who needs to make a good income quickly and easily
  • People who are looking for a more meaningful and exciting line of work
  • Starting a new business or improve your existing business
  • Entrepreneurs